Blackshaw interior design is delighted to present Pure Skin Boutique Spa. This was a very special project requiring equal amounts of glamour and warmth to deliver a sense of indulgence and exclusivity to reflect the high end treatments, whilst conveying this luxury beauty spa’s eco-friendly credentials and holistic approach to well-being and beauty.

Pure Skin Boutique Spa located on Marbella’s Golden Mile is the perfect example of how to achieve synergy between high end interior design and functionality. This particular retail interior design project in Marbella required a contemporary interior design that would be both welcoming and exclusive, providing a sanctuary that would make each every customer feel special and relaxed.

Retail interior designs need a specific concept. All elements were careful considered to project the right balance of well-being and luxury.  This was achieved on several levels: firstly the palette of nude and gold instantly suggests warmth, protection and glamour, whilst the curved walls are reminiscent of the human form and the solid wood floors deliver an organic feel.  Decadent accents such as gold shelves in the reception and delicate glitter filled lamps in the treatment rooms add instant allure and charisma.

Project type: Retail interior design Marbella.

Pure Skin Boutique Spa, C.C. Oasis Business Centre, Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe,
The Golden Mile, Marbella

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