This Marbella interior design project required us to give this unloved holiday home in Elviria a complete renovation, inside and out. It needed to be overhauled both visually and with regards to distribution, to create a more welcoming and usable space for the client’s growing family. It was our brief to transform this cold ill planned space with an overgrown garden into a much loved villa in Marbella with a fantastic interior design. Structural design changes included altering pitched ceilings and floor levels. Ambiance enhancing lighting solutions, bespoke furnishing and fixtures, were all carefully planned to achieve an illusion of more space, elegant comfort and that all important wow factor.

This family home in the hills of Elviria was bought 12 years ago as a holiday home. Each year they loved the property less and less. The problem was that it hadn’t been touched since it had been bought: it was cold, unwelcoming and badly designed both visually, aesthetically and distribution wise. A completely new contemporary interior design was needed. The arrival of grandchildren was the impetus they needed to get to work, which is where Blackshaw Interior Design came in.

So we set to work on both interior and exterior renovations. Challenges included working with pitched ceilings and the need to change floor levels, which required a lot of thought by our experienced structural design team. Dropped ceilings and indirect soft lighting and spotlighting were used to create a cosier atmosphere. The old wall mounted air conditioning units were replaced with new ducting more in keeping with a contemporary interior design of a Marbella villa of this calibre.

We wanted to use the entrance to create an impression and set expectations. We thought about this carefully, playing with scale, proportions and repetition. We used three oversized planter pillars placed to the right of the entrance and opposite a huge round mirror for added emphasis. The double height pitched entrance hall ceiling was dressed with a series of 3 suspended chrome globe lights, staggered at different heights to draw the eye up. Directly below we were lucky to have space for a glass topped table, with large chrome rings on the base, mirroring the shapes from the lights above.

The living space and kitchen now work together in harmony, creating a much more social environment. Large bespoke fitted carpentry in tinted oak, a combination of large mirror backed open shelves and neat handle-less ‘push to open’ cupboard doors, really creates a focal point and feels like part of the building. This was possible by careful planning in the early stages of construction.

The generous use of wood, bespoke carpentry and the wood effect ceramic tiles really brings warmth to this house. Diffused soft lighting integrated into the new molding in the living area is also carried though on each shelf. The effect of this carefully planned lighting is second to none, it really makes the design.

Using a rich navy blue paired with warm grey and nude tones the bedroom was designed to be classy and elegant. Curtains and sheers are neatly recessed into the ceiling design. It was the ceiling design that allowed us to use the hidden diffused light to provide a warm glow. Three different types of lighting have been used to create moods for every occasion. The suspended lights at the bedside are made from crystal and sparkle like jewels, and behind we used a reflective paint finish to bounce the light around even more. The furniture in here is a deep rich ‘Wenge’ wood, chosen to create a contrast.

The bathrooms are spacious, and modern with clean lines. The flooring is the same throughout the house giving the feeling of space. Walk -in with a single piece of fixed glass, offer minimal lines and minimal cleaning. The vanity units are all suspended from the wall, meaning that more floor is visible again giving the illusion of space.

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