Essential Magazine May 2016

Blackshaw Interior Designs: Building, Renovating and Designing Your Dream Home or Business

There are many properties in Marbella and surroundings just waiting to be modernised and refreshed. Perfectly fine and in some cases even avant-garde in their day, these homes are starting to look and feel a little tired, their style no longer of the times and their smaller rooms creating a boxed-in effect.

Add the need for up-to-date technical amenities such as modern wiring, plumbing and internet connections, and it becomes clear that a great many properties in the region are in serious need of a style and technical overhaul.

This is exactly what Sally and her team did for a British family. Their property in El Paraiso had the benefit of a great location, lovely views and fantastic potential, but it was in need of modernising and sprucing up. “Some projects have very deep pockets, but in most cases part of the creativity lies in working within a budget to produce the desired results.

The tighter the budget the more you may have to prioritise, but the end result is always the transformation of a property into an impressive modern home.”